TAKT x Thank You

TAKT wants to thank you for living sustainably. I want to thank you for watching this video.

Production Company: Bacon Production

Director: Bine Bach
DP: Jonas Blond
Producer: Oliver Kornberg Sand
Executive Producer: Mette Jermiin
Production Manager: Nana Ama Rothenberg
Editor: Jasmin Falk
Post Producer: Louise Ryge

Cast (in order of appearance): Viktor Malle Høyer, Nana Ama Rothenberg, Anastasia Sif Karkazis Rasmussen, Emil Athari (& Oliver cameo <3), Frida Oelrich, Hennie Thorne

Set Design: Rikke Twilum
Props Master: Frederikke Jermiin
Styling: Melissa Orndoff
Runner: Felix Bjerre
Music & Sound: Mads Bergland
Colorist: Hannibal Lang / BaconX
VFWizard: Kai Hauswirth / BaconX
BaconX Producer: Camilla Strandskov
Gaffer: Jens Du Ringer Bare / gaffers.dk
Focus Puller: Asger Borberg
Electrician: Martin Dahl Anderson
Head of Comms: Lasse Cato
Client: taktcph.com